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Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Whether your organization is seeking to fully outsource all IT operations or supplement existing internal IT staff, RieVax provides the expertise and support required to effectively manage your IT environment. RieVax is a single MSP for all of your IT infrastructure management needs.

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We take care of your technological needs so that you can take care of business.

RieVax Managed IT

Managing IT for a small to midsized business is essential. Having IT support will allow you to leverage different expert skills for different problems or projects. Whether it is server support, network support or network security; we have the appropriate subject matter expert to help.

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IT Assessment & IT Strategy


You know your company better than anyone, so we’ll take the time to sit down with you and learn about your business – your goals, risks, and vision. We will develop an IT strategy aligned to your business’s direction, helping you achieve your business goals. Your business will stay current because we continuously fine-tune your IT strategy based on new technologies, practices, and cybersecurity threats.

IT Roadmap and Budget


We create and maintain a strategic IT Roadmap and budget specific to your business. Your roadmap will outline, budget, and schedule all major IT initiatives for the next 18 to 24 months. This level of strategic planning will reduce surprise IT costs and unexpected downtime.

Managed IT Services Designed For Your Business


You need a technology solution that addresses your IT needs while considering your business operations and budget. Our solutions architects will understand your business, enabling them to design best-fit technology solutions that make sense for your company.

Dedicated IT Support Team


Keeping your team productive and efficient is a top priority. We will provide you with a local IT support team that is dedicated to your business 24/7. IT issues are less stressful when you can rely on a Rievax support specialist who knows your environment and your business.

Managed IT Services

Connecting Dots


Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Testing

Security Awareness Training

Managed Anti-virus / Anti-Malware

Dark Web Scanning

Secure Email Gateway Management

End Point Detection and Response Management


Desktop Support

On-Site Support

Server Support

Network Support

Remote Support

Firewall Support

Cloud Support

End User Training Program

IT Strategy

Cloud Migration

Application Adoption Training

Monthly Manual Backup Testing

Disaster Recovery (DR)

Vendor Management

License Management

IT Procurement Management

IT Budget Management

Server Cloud Backup

24x7 Monitoring

Why Managed Services?

  • 1. Your IT Team or IT Individual is Overwhelmed
    We recognize that many small businesses don’t have a dedicated IT person, and if you do, they’re wearing many hats. If your team is already treading water as you grow, can you afford to have anyone disrupted for server problems, Microsoft updates, or phishing attacks? To fully protect your network, your company requires regular, proactive updates, employee training, enhanced awareness of threats, and often 24x7 monitoring. If your IT team is already struggling, or you need to give your employees time back to focus on the tasks in their job description; it’s time to get Rievax Managed IT.
  • 2. You are Worried About IT Costs
    Continually adding skilled IT resources to cover the emerging technologies your business requires you to compete in the market and gets costly. We’ve seen many of our small business clients benefit from our Rievax Fixed Cost Managed Service offering. We’ve built this service specifically for SMBs because we recognize the importance a robust IT infrastructure has on your business at a fixed cost. This will allow small business CEOs to put their focus back on generating profit for their business, not spending it on fluctuating IT support cost.
  • 3. You're Worried About Security
    Ransomware, phishing, and other malware attacks are on the rise and impacting companies of all sizes. If you handle data, collect information about clients, or have any proprietary information, you’re right to feel a little uneasy. Security preparedness is not something we recommend you combat alone. Working with an Rievax can give you peace of mind with another set of eyes watching network activity. Routine tasks you expect your network admin to be on top of, like antivirus monitoring and patch management, sometimes get left unattended when your team is stretched thin.
  • 4. Disruption Would Damage Your Business
    Any hacking or cyberattack will disrupt your business; this much we can all agree. With cybercrime on the rise, it’s not just about the disruption to your staff internally; it’s equally as important to think about the service disruption for your customers. What could a delay look like for your customers? Would it change their perception of your ability to deliver on your contract, service, or order? If you can’t access your network, you can’t fulfill orders, serve customers, or even collect payments. We encourage small businesses to work with a Rievax to minimizing risk this is one you can’t overlook.
  • 5. Your Team is Stuck in a Reactive State
    If your employees are constantly adding tools for their teams to be more efficient, you might applaud them for their “Can do attitude,” initially. But Adding devices, workstations, and software ad hoc, without careful planning, can make your network far more complicated and very unstable. A Rievax Managed IT can help you create a plan and a reasonable approach to growth and ensure your network will be ready to scale when you need to.
  • 6. Vendor Costs are High
    As and Managed Service Provider we have many existing relationships IT vendors. We will be able to negotiate better deals for you on all your IT software, hardware, and IT services.
  • 7. Scaling Your Small Business Seems Like a Challenge
    At Rievax we will design your network to meet the needs of your current usage requirements, however we always implement measures that will ensure you are prepared with the capacity grow. Hiring extra staff usually ends up costing much more than the flexible plans offered by MSPs and you still won’t receive the same level of expertise.
  • 8. Get Peace of Mind
    Running a business is hard. Business owners today must juggle more responsibilities than ever and often don’t have time to manage their IT infrastructure. Partnering with Rievax to handle the technical IT aspects of your business allows you to focus on your core competencies and deliver more value to your clients.
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