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Backup & Disaster Recovery

No one can predict when a disaster will occur and halt business operations. Therefore, the smartest thing that any organization can do is to ensure that they are prepared for all the possibilities. RieVax helps helps clients reduce the effects of unpredictable disaster by:

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Implementing comprehensive backup processes.

Designing and automating Disaster Recovery solutions.

Creating and testing an exhaustive Disaster Recovery Plan.

Completing annual Disaster Recovery Tests. .

What would you do if you lost all your data?

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End of Operations

60% of Small businesses never reopen after a disaster.

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Timing is Key

90% fail if they don't reopen quick enough.


29% of businesses have experienced data loss in the past year.

Stay Prepared

96% of businesses with a disaster recover plan in place fully recover operations.

Disaster Recovery First

Your data is life force of your business, losing it could destroy your business. Disaster recovery should not be a reactive component of you overall IT and business strategy. At RieVax we believe Disaster should be at the forefront of every critical IT architecture. Work with RieVax to design, develop and deploy your Disaster Recovery solution today.

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