Virtual CIO Services

RieVax knows that you need a technology resource that can understand your business. Rievax has had the experience of seeing hundreds of other companies struggling with many of the same challenges as yours, and knows which technologies are best for solving specific problems. That is why we offer a specialized vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer) service. A dedicated experienced senior technology advisor will partner with your organization and guide your team through the complexity of IT technology and infrastructure. This advisor will set IT goals for your company, manage your IT strategy, and set a budget that aligns with those goals.

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Why vCIO services?

The goal of technology, in business, is to help increase revenue and decrease expenses. But if you're not using the right technology to help you reach those goals, there's a good chance your simply wasting money. When was the last time you took a good look at which applications your staff are actually using? When was the last time you reviewed the technology and pricing for your IT services? Have you created an IT roadmap? Are you using unsupported or end of life software or operating systems? Companies tend to spend most of their time keeping their internal systems up and running and day to day support. This leaves no time for strategic technology management. Technology is complex, and it changes fast. Our vCIO services will manage strategic planning, create your IT budget and design your IT technology roadmap.

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Virtual CIO Services from RieVax - Your Dedicated Technology Executive

IT Budgeting


IT Policy and Process Documentation


DR Response Planning 


Incident Respone Planning


Strategic IT Planning


Process Optimization


Project Management


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of vCIO services?

Having a virtual CIO for your growing business provides clear advantages:

  • Clear understanding of current technology and future technology direction

  • Constant Assessment and Improvement of your IT Infrastructure and IT Services

  • Understand how much IT costs with IT Budget creation and management

  • Application and workflow and efficiency improvement with innovative Technology

  • IT audit and IT certification management

How much does a full-time CIO cost? 

Most small to medium sized businesses (SMB) can’t afford a full-time CIO and here’s why. The compensation package for a enterprise CIO can be over $1 million a year. At a large company their salary is around $500k, then dipping down to about $200k in smaller organization.

What are the risks of not using vCIO services?

Small to mid-sized businesses are encouraged to take advantage of vCIO services in order to maintain their IT infrastructure and allow consistent growth. Some of the risks that these companies may encounter by not choosing to hire a vCIO include:

  • Security breaches

  • Reduced productivity

  • Inadequate preparation for potential disaster

  • Poor technology decisions

  • Unnecessary downtime

  • Poorly managed process change

  • Increased overhead expenses

  • Reduced profit

Accomplish Your Business Goals with a vCIO

A RieVax vCIO functions in the same capacity as a conventional CIO—without the salary overhead. Your vCIO will guide you through complex technology, architecture and security decisions, while formulating strategic IT goals and providing IT recommendations based on industry regulation and best business practices.

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